Viorel Popescu – Conservation Ecology Lab, Ohio University

I am a conservation biologist and wildlife quantitative ecologist, and aspiring herpetologist.

Dr. Viorel D. Popescu
Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Ohio University
423 Irvine Hall
Athens, OH 45701
Skype: dvpopescu 



22 April 2016: New paper with colleagues from Romania and Canada in Journal of Applied Ecology on large carnivore hunting in Romania


Prospective graduate students: If you are interested in being part of my lab at Ohio University, please send me: (A) a short statement about yourself and your research interests (background, goals/ambitions, why Ohio University), (B) your resume or CV, and (C) your GPA and GRE scores.
The main research directions in the lab are: (1) vernal pool and amphibian ecology, (2) carnivore ecology and conservation, and (3) spatial conservation planning, but students have the freedom to develop their own projects focused on other conservation topics of interests.


Research focus: My research draws on wildlife ecology and conservation planning, and seeks to provide practical solutions to biodiversity conservation in terrestrial ecosystems. Specifically, my research focuses on understanding individual- to community-level responses to human-induced and natural disturbance in terrestrial ecosystems and at the aquatic/terrestrial interface. All of my work is in the realm of applied ecology and conservation science, and it is united by a common theme: inferring animal-habitat relationships through the lens of multiple stresssors and predicting their resilience to novel patterns of disturbance.
I am also a Senior Researcher at Centre for Environmental Research at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

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