Books and book chapters

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Peer-reviewed articles (* denotes graduate and undergraduate collaborators)

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Manuscripts under review and in preparation

  • Thompson, C.M.* and V.D. Popescu (in review) Complex hydro-period induced carryover responses for survival, growth, and endurance of pond-breeding amphibians. Oecologia
  • Yinqiu, J., C.C.M. Baker, L. Yuanheng, V.D. Popescu, J. Wang, L. Wang, C. Wu, C. Hua, C. Yang, C.C.Y. Xu, Q. Wen, N.E. Pierce, and D.W. Yu (in review) Large-scale quantification of vertebrate biodiversity from leech iDNA in Ailaoshan Nature Reserve, China. Nature Communications
  • Wagner, R.B.*, C. Brune, and V.D. Popescu (in review) Snake road mortality is influenced by land cover and traffic intensity in a road-dense area of US Midwest. Journal for Nature Conservation
  • Sweeney, M.R.*, C. Thompson*, and V.D. Popescu (in review) Sub-lethal exposure to neonicotinoid pesticide Imidacloprid induces behavioral changes in larval wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
  • Dyck., M.*, E. Wyza*, and V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Landscape structure predicts coyote-bobcat interactions across North America
  • Geue, J.*, P.J. Rotter*, C. Gross,Z. Benko, I. Kovacs, C. Fantana, V.D. Popescu and H.A. Thomassen (in prep.) Bird species and habitat types have limited use as reciprocal surrogates and are inconsistently represented in the current Natura 2000 network in Romania
  • Pop, M.I., M. Dyck*, L. Rozylowicz, and V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Predicting human – brown bear conflict in rural Romania.
  • Dyck, M.*, R. Iosif, B. Promberger, C. Promberger, and V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Factors influencing large mammal co-occurrence in the Romanian Carpathians
  • Iosif, R., M. Dyck*, B. Promberger, C. Promberger, and V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Estimating Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) density using camera traps in the Romanian Carpathians
  • Sperry, B., V.D. Popescu, E. Wyza*, S. Porter, R. Wiley, D. Cottrill* (in prep.) Assessment of wildlife-vehicle crash mitigation structures on the U.S. 33 Nelsonville Bypass
  • Kaunert, M.*, A. Travers*, V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Survival and habitat selection of head-started Eastern Hellbenders (Chryptobranchus a. alleganiensis) reintroduced in Ohio streams. 
  • Thompson, C.*, M.R. Sweeney*, and V.D. Popescu (in prep.) Carryover effects of sublethal exposure to pesticide Imidacloprid and shortened hydroperiod on juvenile wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) fitness and behavior
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  • Popescu, V.D., N. Shackelford, F. Montesino-Pouzols, R. Munshaw, E. Dubman, A. Moilanen, and W.J. Palen (in prep.) Evaluating ecological and economic trade-offs between small hydropower development and species conservation.
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